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Mohammed Abdellah

Mohammed Abdellah



Iam a graduate from faculty of medicine, Cairo University class 2003 with very good wiith honor.

I had my masters and medical degrees from faculty of medicine, Cairo University.

I am a lecturer in pathology in Fayoum University teaching medical and nursing students, former assistant lecturer and lecturer in Fayoum university since 2013 teaching medical students and postgraduate candidates.

I had assisted in many projects of pharmaceutical, medical  and  non medical candidates regarding the histopathology study of their work.

I made and still working on many researches for serving human health cure and prophylaxis against variable diseases.

I am attending most of the available training courses in teaching strategies, AI and quality assurance.

I made lecture notes on all my subjects as well as self assessments,quizzes, problem based learning, flipped classrooms and skill laboratory cessions. 

I know how to deal with hybrid learning in campus and online meetings with my students and candidates to achieve the best possible  outcome benefits.


  • MB Bch 2002
  • Master degree of Pathology 2009
  • Medical degree of pathology 2013


Area Of Research

Pathology, Oncology, Molecular biology 

Academic Positions

  • Demonstrator  for pathology,Fayoum university , 2005_2009
  • Assistant Lecturer of pathology ,Fayoum university. 2009-2013
  • Lecturer of Pathology, Fayium university, 2013-2022

Non-academic jobs

Member of Quality unit