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Mohammed Mahmoud Abdellah Ali

Mohammed Mahmoud Abdellah Ali



Dr.Mohammed Mahmoud Abdellah Ali, a dedicated Lecturer, carries a strong academic background from Cairo University’s Faculty of Medicine. Graduating with honors in 2000, he went on to complete both his master’s and medical degrees within the same esteemed institution. As a pathology lecturer at Fayoum University, he imparts his expertise to medical and nursing students, as well as postgraduate candidates. His involvement in diverse projects, spanning pharmaceutical, medical, and non-medical domains, showcases his proficiency in histopathology studies. Notably, his research initiatives are aligned with enhancing healthcare and preventing various diseases. Demonstrating his commitment, one of his articles secured a local accolade at Fayoum University. Constantly enhancing his pedagogical skills, Mohammed actively engages in training courses focused on teaching strategies and quality assurance. Following NAQAAE guidelines, he ensures a comprehensive educational experience, frequently incorporating innovative methods like lecture notes, self-assessments, quizzes, problem-based learning, flipped classrooms, and skill laboratory sessions. With adeptness in both in-person and online teaching, Mohammed’s hybrid approach optimizes learning outcomes for his students and candidates.


  • MB Bch 2002
  • Master Degree of Pathology 2009
  • Medical degree of pathology 2013

Link To Publications

  • Scopus Author ID:57216876865
  • ORCID : 0000-0001-7492-7034

Area Of Research

  • Pathology, Oncology, Molecular biology


-Supervision on two master’s degrees in pathology for candidates; topics of thyroid cancer.

-Correlation of muscle invasion in urinary bladder cancer with cell adhesion properties and oncoprotein overexpression using E-Cadherin and Her-2-neu.

Awards/Honorable Mentions

National award of Azza Abdelshaid in NRC for the best applied research

Academic Positions

  • Resident in Fayoum University,¬†
  • Assistant Lecturer of pathology, Fayoum university, 2009-2013
  • Lecturer of Pathology, Fayoum University, 2013-2022


Reviewer of multiple researches at Elsevier