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Reem Assem Saleh

Reem Assem Saleh

Associate Professor


Dr.Reem Assem is an accomplished artist and associate professor at Galala University, boasting a rich 25-year journey in the realm of Art History. Her influence extends across undergraduate and postgraduate departments, where she imparts her expertise and nurtures emerging talents.

As an instructor for visual arts at various universities, Reem Assem has guided aspiring artists and contributed significantly to academic discourse through conference participation. She plays a vital role in maintaining educational standards as a faculty representative in quality assurance and accreditation processes.

A member of the editorial team for Helwan University’s JAARS journal, Reem Assem’s commitment to academic excellence is evident. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design (1995), a Master’s degree (2000), a Master’s degree equation in Art History (2002), and a Ph.D. in Art History (2009). This extensive journey cements her status as a leading authority in art and academia.


– Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Department, Printed Design Section, 1995.

– Master’s degree in Fine Arts, 2000, Helwan University, Graphic Design Major. Thesis entitled “The Afro-American Graphic Artists in America: A Contemporary Artistic Vision”.

– Equivalence certificate for a Master’s degree from the Art History Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, 2002/2003.

– PhD degree in Art Philosophy, Major in History of Arts, 2009, Helwan University. Thesis entitled “Mannerism as a Transitional Phase between Renaissance and Baroque: A Comparative Analytic Study”.

– Associate Professor Doctor since 2018.

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Area Of Research

  • History of art and civilization
  • Visual arts

Academic Positions

  • Associate professor, Arts and Design field 
  • Member of the editorial board at JAARS

Non Academic Positions

  • Quality assurance unit representative 

  • Member of the editorial board at JAARS