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Reem Saleh

Reem Saleh

Associate Professor


Reem Assem Saleh is a distinguished artist specializing in the field of Art History, currently serving as an Associate Professor in the Graphic Design program at Galala University.

With an impressive 25 years of teaching experience, Dr. Saleh has made significant contributions to undergraduate and postgraduate programs at various universities, particularly focusing on the history of arts and visual arts. Her expertise and dedication to education have influenced countless students over the years, shaping their understanding and appreciation of art.

Dr. Saleh’s involvement in academic activities extends beyond the classroom. She actively participates in supervision and discussion committees for numerous theses, providing valuable guidance and mentorship to aspiring scholars. Additionally, she has contributed to both local and international conferences, sharing her insights and research findings with the broader academic community.

As a prolific researcher, Dr. Saleh has published numerous research papers, enriching the body of knowledge in her field. Her scholarly contributions span a wide range of topics within the arts, reflecting her depth of expertise and intellectual curiosity.

Dr. Saleh’s commitment to academic excellence is further demonstrated by her role as a faculty representative in the quality assurance unit, where she works to uphold and enhance the standards of education and research at her institution.

In recognition of her expertise, Dr. Saleh serves as a member of the Fulbright arts grant panel, contributing to the selection of deserving candidates for prestigious academic opportunities. Additionally, she is a valued member of the editorial board at JAARS (Journal of Arts and Architecture Research), where she plays a role in shaping the direction of scholarly discourse in her field.

Dr. Reem Assem Saleh’s academic journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a passion for the arts. With a solid foundation in Graphic Design and a Master’s degree in Art History, she continued to expand her expertise, culminating in a Ph.D. in Art History in 2009. Her multidisciplinary background enriches her teaching, research, and contributions to the academic community, positioning her as a respected authority in the field of Art History.


  • Associate Professor Doctor 2018.
  • Art Philosophy PhD degree, History of arts major 2009, Helwan University.


Area Of Research

  • History of arts
  • Visual arts
  • Art appreciation

Academic Positions

2022 / 23- 24 Quality assurance unit coordinator at faculty of Art and design, Galala University.


  • 2022 , 23 , 24 Coordinate with ASU to improve content repository for GU History of Art elective course, Galala University.
  • Member of Fulbright arts grant panel for Egyptian student program 21 : 24
  • Member of editorial board at JAARS (Journal of Arts and Architecture Research).