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Tarek Salem

Tarek Salem

Associate Professor


Dr. Tarek Salem is an Associate professor of organic chemistry. Dr. Salem holds a PhD in polymer chemistry “Plasma-based surface modifications of polyester fabrics and their interaction with cationic polyelectrolytes and anionic dyes”- from Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany under the supervision of Professor Stefan Spange.

He worked as a guest scientist from 2007 to 2014 in Leibniz Institute for polymer research (IPF), Dresden, Germany. After that, he was promoted to Associate Professor in 2018 and was appointed a DAAD postdoctoral Fellowship in the polymer interfaces department, Leibniz Institute for polymer research (IPF), Dresden, Germany in 2013.

From 2015 until 2020, he worked as a technical consultant for specialty chemicals and auxiliaries companies. Attending as a distinguished guest in the launching ceremony of China Detergent & Cosmetics on April 27, 2016 at the Shanghai Guoman hotels, China. He was invited to many international conferences in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and China as a speaker with a number of 21 publications in both national & international journals. In 2016, he published an entry entitled “PET Fabrics, Plasma Pre-Treated Poly-DADMAC Containing: Modification and Surface Activity” in Encyclopedia of plasma technology.


  • PhD in Polymer Chemistry from the Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany 2012.
  • B.Sc. degree in Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Cairo University 1997.


  • Madiha al kashouty; Tarek salem; Hanan elsayad; Somia Twaffiek; Shimaa Elhadad “Surface modification of blended fabrics by silica nanoparticles to improve their printability” Egyptian journal of chemistry, vol. 63, issue 9, page 3271-3287, September 2020
  • Madiha al kashouty; Hanan elsayad; Somia Twaffiek; Tarek salem; Shimaa Elhadad “An Overview: Textile Surface Modification by Using Sol-gel Technology” vol. 63, issue 9, page 3301-3311, September 2020
  • Tarek Salem, Frank Simon “Ag nanoprism/PDADMAC/SiO2 composite nanostructure for textile coloration” submitted to journal of composite materials (2020)
  • Tarek Salem, Frank Simon “Ag nanoprism / Polyvinylamine/SiO2 for functional textile coatings” submitted to composite structures (2020)
  • Tarek Salem, Jagannath Chanda, Martin Müller, Frank Simon “Fabrication of water-repellent coatings on cotton fabric surface for clean textile printing” submitted to journal of cleaner production (2020)
  • Tarek Salem, Frank Simon “Novel environmentally friendly colorants for multifunctional textiles” submitted to journal of cleaner production (2020)
  • Tarek Salem, M. Salama “Developing a new class of UV-curable polyurethane acrylate resins for coatings applications” DOI: 10.21608/ejchem.2019.14853.1906, Egypt. J. Chem, accepted to publish in august 2019
  • Tarek Salem, M. Salama “Impact of UV-curable matrix containing nitrogen group on printing behavior of polyester fabric” in preparation, (2019).
  • H. H. Abdel Ghafar, M. Salama, Emad K. Radwan, T. Salem “Recycling of pre-consumer viscose waste fibers for the removal of cationic dye from aqueous solution” Volume 62, Issue 6, June 2019, Page 1057-1067, Egypt. J. Chem (2019)
  • Tarek Salem, Madiha El-Kashouty, Martin Müller, and Frank Simon” Sol-gel synthetic route to improve interaction of polyester/cotton blended fabric with anionic dyes” Egypt. J. Chem., Vol. 60, No. 6, Page 2051-2064 (2017)
  • H. H. Abdel Ghafar, T. Salem, E.K. Radwan, A. Atef El-Sayed, M.A. Embaby, M. Salama ” Modification of Waste Wool Fiber as Low Cost Adsorbent for The Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution” Egypt. J. Chem. Vol. 60, No.3, pp.395 – 406 (2017)
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  • Tarek Salem, M. Salama and A. Atef El-Sayed “Ultrasound Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of Polyurethane for Coating Applications” Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 9(17), DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i17/87215, May 2016
  • A. Atef El-Sayed, M. Salama ,T. Salem and M. Rehan ” Synergistic Combination of Reduction and Polymerization Reactions to Prepare Silver/Waterborne Polyurethane Nanocomposite for Coating Applications” Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 9(17), DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i17/87216, May 2016
  • Tarek Salem, Anja Caspari, Martin Müller, Frank Simon “New silica-based nanoparticles to modify fabric surfaces versatility “ 8th Aachen-Dresden International Textile conference, November 27-28, 2014, Dresden, Germany
  • Tarek Salem, Dieter Pleul, Mirko Nitschke, Martin Müller, Frank Simon “Different plasma-based strategies to improve the interaction of anionic dyes with polyester fabrics surface” Applied surface science 264 (2013) 286-296
  • Tarek Salem, Steffi Uhlmann, Mirko Nitschke, Alfredo Calvimontes, Rolf-Dieter Hund, Frank Simon “Modification of plasma pre-treated PET fabrics with poly-DADMAC and its surface activity towards acid dyes” Progress in Organic Coatings 72 (2011) 168– 174.
  • M.A. El-Kashouty, M.M. El-Molla, T.S. Salem, A.A. El-Halwagy ” Chemical modification of fenugreek gum via cyanoethylation, and its utilization as thickener in textile printing” Egypt. J. Chem. (2004) 163-181
  • M.A. El-Kashouty, M.M. El-Molla, T.S. Salem, A.A. El-Halwagy ” Chemical modification of fenugreek gum via acetylation, and its utilization as thickener in textile printing” 1St international conference of textile research division, March 2-4, 2004, Egypt

Books and chapters

  • Invited entry in Encyclopedia of plasma technology, Editor: J. Leon Shohet, Publisher: Taylor and Francis Group Title: “PET Fabrics, Plasma Pre-Treated Poly-DADMAC Containing: Modification and Surface Activity” Author: Tarek Salem, Accepted 07.07.2014 ISBN: 9781466500594 Date of publishing: 15.08.2016
  • Surface modification of fabric blends by using sol-gel technology Authors: Shimaa El-Hadad, Madiha El-Kashouty, Tarek Salem ,Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing ISBN13: 978-3-659-96969-0 ISBN10: 9783659969690 Date of publishing: 18.10.2016

New chemical product registration by REACH

  • Pre-Registration of carbonated soybean oil as new intermediate in manufacturing non-isocyanates polyurethanes by SGS (under processing)

Area Of Research

  • Surface modification and functionalization of polymer interfaces and nanomaterials by wet chemical methods and physico-chemical treatments.
  • Synthesis of hybrid materials made from polymers and inorganic metal oxide particles.
  • Synthesis of Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane from renewable sources.


  • Ph.D. thesis entitled “Surface modification of some blended fabrics by sol-gel technology to improve their printability” 2013 – 2016, Helwan University, Egypt.