Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Regulations for Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Students Transfer between Credit Hours and Semester based Systems

  • It is allowed to transfer students from one program to another operating in the semester system to any of the programs included in this list, according to the university and program admission regulations.
  • The courses that the student has already passed in the semester program and the equivalent courses are cleared in the programs available in these regulations.
  • The following table is used to calculate equivalent grades when the student gets transferred from the semester to the credit hours system.


Credit –Hour System


Semester Based System

GradePointsEquivalent Percentage
A+4.0More than 95%
A90% to less than 95%
A-3.785% to less than 90%
B+3.380% to less than 85%
B3.075% to less than 80%
B-2.771% to less than 75%
C+2.368% to less than 71%
C2.065% to less than 68%

Conditions for GU transfer from foreign universities

    1. The Supreme Council of Universities must accredit the foreign university

    Meeting all conditions set by the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research and transfer from universities outside the country and admission rules to the corresponding colleges.

    1. The student must have enrolled in a foreign university for two semesters
    2. The student's GPA cumulative rate should be at least 3.2
    3. The number of students transferred from foreign colleges should not exceed 10% of the total number of students enrolled in the program in the same year of conversion

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