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Galala University is awarded a UNESCO-funded project to digitally transform archaeological sites using VR-AR technologies

Galala University has secured a prestigious project funded by UNESCO, which aims at converting archaeological zones into a digital transformation project. The initiative will involve Galala University partnering with Ward ITC to conduct preliminary technological presentations using VR-AR technologies, with the objective of digitally transforming the Pyramids and the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The project, known as IHERITIGE, will document and disseminate the steps required for the implementation of the initial presentations, and Galala University will be recognized as the lead institution for the project. The university will publish prototypes and mechanisms for implementation in international journals or periodicals, showcasing their expertise in this field.

This was under the auspices and attendance of Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, Acting President of Galala University, Professor Aya Al Arreef, Founder and CEO of Ward ITC, and Dr. Alaa Ezz, Secretary General of the Confederation of Egyptian Business Association –representing the UNESCO.

In a research partnership with Ward ITC, Dr. Gamal Al Kheshen, a Professor in Arts and Design at GU, supervised the presentation of GU’s advanced project after winning it.

Expressing his appreciation for the collaboration, Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, Acting President of Galala University, emphasized that the university will be responsible for the scientific supervision of all phases of the project implementation.

The dissemination of international research on project implementation stages was emphasized, highlighting the significance of exchanging scientific and practical expertise among academic and technological institutions to support development in various fields.

Dr. Aya Al Arreef, Founder and CEO of  Ward ITC (Information Technology Company), stated that her company will supply machinery and tools for the implementation of existing projects within the archaeological zones of the pyramids area. Additionally, they will design and produce various software to support the project and document the software production processes. Art and Design students at Galala University will be involved in the participation and training of these processes.

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