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GU Hosts Educational Seminar titled “Yes to Participation, No to Rumors, Be Positive”

Galala University organized an educational seminar titled “Yes to Participation, No to Rumors, Be Positive”. The seminar aimed at raising awareness among youth and all university staff about the importance of participating in the upcoming elections, avoiding rumors, and understanding their threat to Egypt’s national security. Major General Pilot Dr. Hisham El Halaby, an advisor at Nasser Higher Military Academy, along with several members of parliament from the coordination of youth of parties and politicians, including MP Mohamed El Badry, MP Rajia El Fiky, MP Noha Zaki, and MP Marcel Samir.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, GU President, extended his greetings and thanks to the guests for accepting the invitation, noting that the university always endeavors to organize such awareness seminars to inform students about the most critical issues and challenges threatening Egypt and its national security.

The seminar included dialog sessions discussing rumors as one of the tools for toppling states and their impact on public opinion. It also covered “mechanisms and tools for internally demolishing states,” as well as developing an understanding of fourth-generation warfare through misleading media as a state-toppling tool. The importance of political education for youth, staying informed about regional events and challenges, especially the Palestinian issue and Egypt’s clear stance against the calls for the resettlement of Palestinians in Sinai, was also discussed. The seminar emphasized the significance of participating in elections as a national duty reflecting every Egyptian’s awareness in exercising their constitutional right to choose their representatives.