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GU Advances Quality Assurance with Cintana Education Workshop

February 4th, 2024

In a significant stride toward academic excellence and international recognition, Galala University (GU) was honored to host Dr. Agueda Benito, Chief Academic Officer of Cintana Education, for a series of enriching workshops aimed at bolstering GU’s Quality Assurance Systems and US accreditation endeavors. This event marks a notable chapter in the ongoing partnership between GU and the ASU Cintana Alliance, underscoring a shared commitment to educational quality and global standards.

Dr. Benito, with her profound expertise in academic quality and international accreditation standards, led two interactive sessions that were met with enthusiastic participation from the GU staff. The workshops delved into the core principles of academic quality assurance and the strategic pathways to achieving prestigious US accreditations, highlighting the invaluable opportunity for Galala University to distinguish itself on the global academic stage.

Throughout her visit, Dr. Benito emphasized the critical role of differentiation and the expression of the highest levels of excellence in the quest for international accreditation. She commended the outstanding efforts and achievements of the Galala University team, inspiring them to “think big” and nurture their aspirations of becoming a World-Class University.

The President of Galala University, Professor Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, expressed his gratitude towards Dr. Benito and the Cintana Education team for their guidance and support. He reaffirmed GU’s dedication to adopting international best practices in academic quality assurance and accreditation, aligning with the university’s vision to foster a culture of excellence and innovation.

This collaboration with Cintana Education is a testament to Galala University’s resolve to enhance its academic offerings and institutional standing. By embracing international standards and accreditations, GU is set to open new horizons for its community, offering students and faculty alike unprecedented opportunities for growth and global engagement.

Galala University remains steadfast in its journey towards academic distinction, bolstered by strategic partnerships and a forward-looking approach to education. This event not only marks a milestone in GU’s commitment to quality and excellence but also paves the way for its continued ascent in the realm of international higher education.