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GU Holds the 2nd Scientific Nursing International Conference

Galala University hosted the 2nd Scientific Nursing International Conference, titled “Future of Global Health.” The conference, which was headed by Prof. Dr. Gehan El Ghonemy, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, witnessed a significant turnout, drawing attendees from various countries and prestigious institutions, including Nigeria, Jordan, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Arizona State University, and Finland. Numerous Egyptian universities were also represented, such as Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Helwan University, Menoufia University, Damietta University, and MTI University. Delegates from 57357 Hospital and Theodor Bilharz Research Institute also participated, fostering an exchange of knowledge and expertise.

The conference successfully bridged local and international experiences, contributing to the advancement of the healthcare sector. Key topics discussed included the Sustainability of the Green Environment, Interdisciplinary Health, and the role of Artificial Intelligence in a Green Environment. The event featured various sessions, including oral presentations.

Prof. Mohamed El-Shinawi, President of Galala University, opened the presentations with his talk on “Artificial Intelligence in Health.” Other notable presentations included Prof. Magued Zikri of Cairo University on “The Fascinating Journey of Cardiac Surgery,” Prof. Essam Salah of the National Liver Institute, Menoufia University on “Environmentally Oriented Patient Care in the Operating Room,” and Prof. Salma Dawara, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Galala University, on “New Health and Sustainability of the Green Environment.”

A panel session featured esteemed speakers from diverse specialties, including Prof. Gehan Ebrahim Ghonemy, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at Galala University; Prof. Amira Abdelmotaal, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy; Prof. Usama Mohamed Rashad, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Therapy; Prof. Essam Salah; and Prof. Mohamed Abd Elaziz, Professor of Computer Science at Galala University. They discussed various applications of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector. The conference also included online sessions and a poster session.