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Galala University Organizes the First Session of the “Investment and Entrepreneurship in the Red Sea Region” Forum

GU recently hosted the inaugural session of the “Investment and Entrepreneurship in the Red Sea Region” Forum. The event, held under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, President of Galala University, featured Dr. Diaa Khalil, Executive Director of the Innovators Support Fund, along with over 50 public figures, entrepreneurs, university professors, and students.

The forum focused on supporting entrepreneurship, innovation activities, and investment opportunities to facilitate economic transformation and knowledge. It aimed to empower Egyptian youth to turn their innovative ideas into emerging companies that integrate into global value chains by providing a technological leadership environment conducive to accelerating economic growth in Egypt.

Participants discussed and presented successful entrepreneurship stories in Egypt, providing students with insights into various sectors and enabling them to make a positive societal impact. Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi highlighted the university’s capabilities and international partnerships, emphasizing their role in opening new cooperation horizons with global institutions to meet labor market demands.

Dr. El-Shinawi noted that the forum coincided with significant national investments and projects in the Red Sea region, contributing to economic mobility and opening new cooperation opportunities. He emphasized the forum’s role as a platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and best practices related to creating investment-friendly environments, focusing on scaling successful initiatives for economic progress and sustainable development in the region.

Dr. Diaa Khalil discussed the success elements for entrepreneurial projects, the technical skills required, and the entrepreneurial skills needed in the labor market. He highlighted the Ministry of Higher Education’s commitment to achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030 by promoting entrepreneurship, presenting various visions, and fostering creative and innovative thinking.

Dr. Khalil underscored the importance of a scientific, cultural, and social environment that prioritizes student development, enabling them to transform their innovative ideas into competitive investment opportunities.

Furthermore, Dr. Dina Orabi, Director of the Community Service Unit at Galala University, reviewed the forum’s topics, focusing on environments that support entrepreneurship in innovative fields and the roles of concerned parties in stimulating and developing young people’s creative energies. She stressed that the university aims to build an inspiring academic environment that promotes innovation, contributes to sustainable development goals, and enhances the role of entrepreneurship in the knowledge economy system.