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Field of Architectural Engineering

Outstanding Academic Experience

An architecture Engineer is a professional that brings together a complex and multi-disciplinary set of knowledge and skills such as; structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting, acoustical, and construction engineering.

At GU, we help our students to apply their discipline-specific expertise to conceptualize, design, construct, operate, and maintain built environments, using the latest tools and methods.

For this, Architectural engineering graduates are usually considered to be creative systems engineers and receive a lot of demand from local and global markets.


Environmental Architecture & Building Technology Program

Architecture Design & Digital Architecture Program

Study Architecture at GU

If you are looking for the perfect first step towards an outstanding architecture engineering career, then GU is the best choice for you. Here are some reasons why; 

  • Gain practical skills from day one, through practice-based learning and project-based courses.
  • Bachelor’s degree accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, and the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt.
  • Grants the graduate eligibility to apply to the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate for a professional license.
  • State-of-the-art labs and workshops
  • A supportive culture that promotes innovation and excellence.
Strategic Objectives
Core Values


The Faculty of Architecture is a leading institution in the field of architectural education. It strives to be distinguished locally and regionally, to improve the architectural environment and achieve the objectives of sustainable development while fostering community values and keeping pace with scientific research and technological advancement.


The Faculty of Architecture graduates leading designers who have the technical skills and knowledge that qualify them to compete professionally at the global level and to develop the profession through scientific research, innovation and creativity in the areas of sustainable urban development and community service.

Strategic Objectives

  • To fulfil the faculty’s role in serving the society by transferring and developing knowledge and skills; to enhance and modernize institutional capacity and educational effectiveness; and to provide high-quality learning that qualifies for international academic accreditation.

  • To provide advanced academic programs that meet the needs of the community, while adhering to national and international reference standards.

  • To create a stimulating academic environment for the development of scientific research and innovation to serve the local community and contribute globally.

  • To build smart infrastructure that enables research and increases areas of excellence; and to provide intelligent digital management systems that offer efficient high-quality administrative services.

  • To encourage the enrolment of international students in the faculty and prepare them well in their fields of specialization;

  • To promote the development of students’ personal skills, competencies and prepare them to become pioneers in their careers.

  • To provide technical consultations and solutions to the various social issues through conducting applied research, in partnership with community institutions and reputable international universities.

Core Values

  • Leadership and excellence: By delivering best global practices using multiple learning strategies adapted to local and regional needs. The use of international professional standards in the design, implementation, management and evaluation of programs.

  • Quality: Providing high quality programs in accordance with international best practices and international standards of education in the fields of green architecture and sustainable urban development.

  • Cooperation: with other local and regional institutions and international universities through the establishment of integrated partnerships, cooperation with the government, public and private sectors to meet their needs, and capacity building of human resources serving the local and regional environment.

  • Integration: Encourage the integration of students from different cultures and encourage students to integrate with the community through practical training/internship programs and social activities.

  • Innovation: Providing students with opportunities to highlight their innovative abilities through collective academic activities and using modern learning methods.

Why Study Here?

Galala University is offering its students an unmatched educational Experience, powered by Arizona State University, thorough;

  • The innovative educational model that brings together advanced teaching methods in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • 37  future-based programs in 16 unique fields of study.
  • Dual degree opportunities from ASU #1 university in innovation in the U.S.
  • Futuristic programs that are designed to match current and future market needs.
  • Accredited bachelor’s degrees
  • Dynamic campus experience in a unique location at the heart of Galala city.

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