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GU Pharmacy Students Explore Industry Frontiers at “NAWAH Scientific Day”

Galala University’s Faculty of Pharmacy recently facilitated a significant educational experience for its third and fourth-year students through the “NAWAH Scientific Day” at the Nawah laboratory. This initiative aimed to connect academia with the practical demands of the pharmaceutical industry by introducing students to the latest advancements in research and drug development technologies.

The students attended specialized lectures by leading researchers and toured the laboratory facilities, where the Nawah team demonstrated cutting-edge equipment. This practical exposure helped students understand the real-world applications of their studies in pharmaceutical research and industry.

The event concluded with the Nawah lab team presenting certificates to the students, designating them as ambassadors for scientific research, enhancing their roles in promoting and participating in innovative research activities.

Under the supervision of Assistant Professors Dr. Mohamed Salah and Dr. Mariam Hassan from the departments of Pharmaceutics and Microbiology & Immunology, the visit emphasized Galala University’s commitment to enriching student education by bridging academic learning with industry experience.