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Textile and Apparel Design program Joins Erasmus Project for Sustainable Fashion Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce that the Textile and Apparel Design program at GU’s Art and Design Field has been selected as a proud partner in an exciting Erasmus project. This collaboration will provide students with a unique opportunity to travel and work alongside mentors from various European countries, fostering the execution of sustainable fashion pieces.

The Erasmus project aims to promote international cooperation and exchange of knowledge among higher education institutions across Europe. It serves as a platform for students and educators to engage in innovative projects and gain valuable experiences in their respective fields.

Under this remarkable initiative, students from the Textile and Apparel Design program will embark on an inspiring journey, delving into sustainable fashion practices in collaboration with esteemed mentors from partner institutions. By working closely with professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds, students will acquire a broader perspective on sustainable fashion and enhance their design skills.

The participating countries in this Erasmus project include Slovenia, Sweden, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Egypt. Each country brings its unique expertise and cultural influences, creating a rich tapestry of creativity and sustainable fashion approaches.