General Objectives

The faculty aims to deliver highly qualified graduates who can understand and analyze the cultural values of the community and create effective and flexible state-of-the-art solutions to meet community needs considering the country’s comprehensive development plans.
Graduates play a major role in linking architecture and urban development to national development issues in the fields of tourism, economy, investment, heritage and the development and cultural needs of the local community: 

  • Application of the concept of sustainable design in architecture and urban design through demonstrating understanding of the relationship between buildings and their surrounding environment while considering the human factors in design.
  • Engagement with various engineering, technical and social disciplines related to the graduate’s field of professional expertise 
  • Cognizance of current scientific and technological developments on the level of relevant disciplines 
  • Preserving the physical character and urban values of different regions while achieving economic, environmental and cultural sustainability
  • Rehabilitation of heritage sites and areas of value and meeting the challenges that threaten the

Career Paths

Graduates are qualified for the title of ‘architectural engineer’ in the Architecture Division of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate. The points of excellence of the graduates are as follows:

  • Graduates of the Architectural Design and Digital Architecture Program (ARD): have been trained in the use of non-traditional learning methods and modern techniques that assist in the development of non-typical solutions in major architectural projects.
  • Graduates of the Environmental Architecture and Building Technology program (ARE): have deep understanding of the environmental and societal aspects and can use modern technology to provide innovative solutions. This field of study is, therefore, needed to develop sustainable designs that overcome contemporary environmental problems.
  • Graduates of the Urban Design and Landscape Program (URL): specialize in the fields of urbanization and all matters related to urban morphology, city visualization and outdoors design. This specialization is required to build novel healthy urban cities and preserve the existing urban heritage.